Your village has been terrorized by the evil Lemon King and his horrific minions for far too long. Countless heroes have tried to infiltrate the fortress, but none have ever returned. You are but a simple goatherd, and arrive empty-handed. But you are their last and only hope. Good luck and godspeed.

The Infiltration of Citrus Fortress is a highly traditional roguelike, created over the course of one week for the 2020 7DRL jam. My goal was to see if I could build something from scratch, without using any existing RL libraries, and to become a better programmer along the way. (This is just my second game.) While it lacks design ingenuity (and indeed many standard features,) I'm pretty proud of it, and I've built it in such a way that's it quite easily extendable. (Given another seven days, I think it could go far.) My intention is to continue development, but will leave this as an artifact of the jam.

Hope you enjoy it, please let me know what you think! (Warning: it's hard! Get a weapon ASAP on level 1.)

Developed in C#/Unity, without the use of any external libraries, with the exception of the Dice Notation module from RogueSharp. Game logic is 99% pure C#, with Unity only used for the UI/rendering. Font is Pixel Operator by Jayvee Enaguas under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.  Game source here.


Citrus 17 MB
citrus fortress mac 20 MB

Development log


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Really nice. Liked the variety of monsters. Would have liked more magic items. I kept fleeing as my main tactic and hoping i'd chance across a more powerful weapon, but i think you have an opportunity to make more strategy options. I liked the movement mechanics, and ability to zoom in/out. The tileset felt a bit weak. The basic letters and tiles didn't do much here. Maybe better to think through a special core mechanic and goal next time now that you have the basics down. 

Thanks so much for playing, and for the thoughtful feedback. Couldn't agree more -- my goal here was to get as much of the basics done in a week as possible, to learn how the systems work and just to be a better coder in general. Also agree the game isn't well-balanced; you really don't have a chance against the tougher monsters, and even if you do manage to beat them, the reward isn't commensurate with the difficulty. Again, really appreciate you taking the time. Looking forward to next year!


Nice accomplishment for making a pure roguelike from scratch during 7 days. I'd say the Satsuma Dragon and other monsters stronger than it are too powerful. Can't imagine beating them and without XP from beating them it seems impossible to me to beat the Citron King.

Yes, I certainly concentrated on features during the seven days, and didn't spend as much time on game balance as I would have liked. My plan is to introduce a few more tactical options in order to mitigate the toughness of those monsters -- i.e. not reducing their numbers so much, but rather giving the player more tools to employ. Thank you for playing, appreciate the feedback!


Got a good, classic feel. I'm impressed by how many monsters and items there are. Got a hecka op Trident on the first floor, that was fun. Having a hard time not getting completely ruined by some of the monsters. But that's the joy of the genre I suppose :P great work!

Hey, thanks! I implemented a CSV parser for monsters and weapons with all the relevant stats, making it easy to create new content just by dropping data into the spreadsheets. Definitely need to spend more time on game balancing, those higher level monsters are basically impossible to deal with, and the reward for defeating one isn't adequate given the high risk (and the healing capacity required to use up.) 

Really appreciate the kind words, and thanks for playing...

For sure! Also, is it true that capital letter monsters are stronger? That's what I sorta thought while playing but I didn't really investigate

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Yes, that 's generally true, though the Satsuma Dragon ("d") is tougher than the Troll ("T") or Ogre ("O").

The monsters spreadsheet is here (along with the rest of the source) if you want to take a look...(n.b. those last 4 fields aren't used yet.)


Oh cool! Thanks :D

Also uploaded a mac build in case anyone prefers that to the WebGL.

Note that I updated slightly so that the regular number keys (not just num pad) work for movement, so that players on laptops could move diagonally too. 

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There is a bug where I can continue playing the game as a zombie (except I can't do damage and neither can mobs) and even go through floors. This was pretty challenging though and fun too (but those dragons are OP). The interface is quite pleasing.

Hi Okoyos, thanks for playing! I caught that bug too just after submitting, but haven't quite tracked it down yet. It seems to happen fairly rarely, so hopefully it's not game-breaking for most. 

Agree that the game needs some balancing -- those insta-kill critical hits from tougher monsters are brutal, and are pretty unfair. I need to add wearable armor, and also add some mitigation strategies to reduce the chance of getting critted. 

Thanks again, really appreciate you taking the time to play and provide feedback.


Figured I would return the favor! Really neat game and very impressively done with all custom libraries. Super faithful reproduction of core roguelike mechanics, though I was tricked a few times by monster names into thinking they'd have some extra effect (Acrid Ogre rusting my gear or something)!

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Yeah, monster abilities were on my list but didn't quite get to it. Thanks for playing though!