Welcome to Blerx!

note: FULLSCREEN is recommended.  Blerx was designed for mobile.

How to play:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to blerst dem blerx!

It's very simple --  just tap/click or hold where you'd like to direct your shots.  Numbers on the blerx indicate how many hits are needed to destroy them. Your shots remaining are shown in the bottom left corner.

There are four types of Blerx:

Regular Blerx. Blue. Standard, garden-variety blerx.

'Splodo Blerx. Orange. These take 2x the hits to destroy, but will explode, strewing shots hither and yon, helping you with your mission.

Infinity Blerx. Purple. These allow you to fire unlimited shots for 5 seconds. If you end a level with time remaining, it will carry over to the next level. These take 3x the hits to destroy.

Diamond Blerx. Also blue, and behave like regular blerx, but provide a little variety to the geometry of it all.

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Fun game! Reminds me of Breakout + Snood! 

Hey thanks, love snood :D